Getting back on the 'Dating Horse' is not an easy chore after being married for over 20 years.

But, I sucked it up closed my eyes and decided it was time. Of course, my sons had to help me get the jump start. They decided to call a family meeting. They sat me down and said 'Mom, you need to start dating again. We want you to be happy and know that there are better guys out there that will treat you right.' So I agreed.

First stop, a dating site, yes, the easiest way to jump on the horse. So I signed up.

The first gentleman that I started talking to was very nice. He helped me to see that not all guys were bad. He then invited me to dinner. Which, I will admit I was hesitant to accept, but I did.

We agreed to meet at a local restaurant. When I saw him, I smiled and said hello. Which he responded. He seemed on edge though. I think he may have been nervous as well.

He pulled out my chair, he even ordered our drinks. And then, I decided to strike up a conversation. Something that we had spoken about over the internet. Dead silence. It was as if he didn't hear the question. He simply smiled, glanced down at the menu in front of him. When our waitress returned, he placed his order, as I did mine. He seemed comfortable talking to the waitress. Why couldn't he actually talk to me? It wasn't like we hadn't talked before. We had conversations all the time on-line.

I took a deep breath then tried again. I asked him about a basketball game that he had attended with some of his friends. He had mentioned flying to see it. Again, nothing but dead silence. I knew he could talk, he greeted me at the door to the restaurant. I gave him a puzzled look. He looked away, looking at the waitress. But, it was the way he looked at her that caught me off guard.

So, I finally decided to pull out all the stops. I stood up from the table. He jumped and looked up at me. I then asked why he wasn't responding. He finally sighed looked down at his hands, looked over at the waitress.

'That's my wife. She didn't know I was dating.' Then I went into dead silence.